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by Sofia
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Sofia is a very special 6 year old who lives in Clapham, South London. Sofia's parents are of Italian origin; her grandparents are from Lucca in Tuscany. Sofia is an out-patient at the Royal Marsden hospital, which has Europe's largest cancer centre and which is dedicated to research, testing new drug therapies and clinical trials (...).

Together with her parents and sisters, Claudia and Elena, Sofia has decided to participate in the hospital's initiative; "Sponsor a day". The aim of the campaign is to allow you to sponsor a day in a year which is special to you, and Sofia has chosen her birthday, 11th September, as her special day (...).

Her sponsorship, together with many others, will go towards helping the Marsden invest in costly pioneering equipment for the detection and diagnosis, which will, above all, help children receive the best and most accurate treatment possible (...).

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